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Hospitality and Catering include all jobs related to the food and accommodation services offered to the tourist, for the Hotel and Restaurant sectors.

General overview

Due to the enormous increase in tourism, the Hotel sector has turned into an attractive business branch that offers career opportunities to professionals traditionally related to the tourism sector, such as catering, waiting, cleaning, reception and administrative staff, but has recently also opened to those who are active in creative professions such as catering. This industry, responsible for any meal eaten away from home, includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats.

Hospitality. Some of the main jobs available in hotels include front desk clerk, room service, customer relations officer, food and beverage, and manager. A professional who works in the Hotel or Hospitality sector, usually develops the following tasks:

  • Greeting and taking care of guests
  • Managing bookings
  • Training and mentoring staff
  • Cleaning rooms and emptying trash
  • Checking in and checking out guests
  • Assigning tasks and scheduling staff

Catering. Producing, supplying and serving food is the job of a caterer, who usually performs many tasks such as:

  • Overseeing and controlling budgets
  • Working with chefs and cook staff to develop a menu
  • Generating good food in large kitchens
  • Serving and distributing food
  • Arranging and decorating venues
  • Networking with clients

Requirements and skills

All the jobs included in these sectors have common characteristics: close contact with guests and orientation to detail. The main skills needed for Hospitality and Catering jobs are:

  • Leadership and organisational skills
  • Numeracy and literacy
  • Being diplomatic and courteous
  • Stress management and creativity
  • Being adaptable and level headed
  • Organization and motivation
  • Being assertive and respectful
  • Being and dressing professionally
  • Engaging and listening to clients
  • Networking and negotiating
  • Managing budgets and curbing expenditure
  • Capacity of quick response
  • Good capacity for solving problems

Professional path

Hospitality and Catering offers a wide variety of job opportunities and careers.

  • Hospitality: we can distinguish different areas in this sector, such as bar & restaurant, room service, maintenance, security, accountancy, booking and laundry.
  • Catering: work in the catering industry covers a range of jobs and specialities. At the top of the tree is the range of specialist chefs, whether in a small restaurant or a five-star hotel, playing the major role in the success of the catering side of the business. Additional employees include kitchen staff, waiters and ancillary workers such as cashiers and others providing customer service front of house.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bar Staff
  • Booking Coordinator
  • Chef
  • Dishwasher
  • Hospitality Consultant
  • Hotel Maintenance Electrician
  • Hotel Manager
  • Hotel Porter
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Waiter

The list is infinite and this sector is growing, as also the demand for new profiles! Good news, right?

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