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  • Hiring process and endless tests 6-Feb-2018


    I am seeking a call centre position. I have many years experience working with clients and resolving issues. I find today just to get employment you need to jump through so many hoops, and it's become more tiring than actually working. I currently have a job, but wish to change as my employer and president of the company passed away. Since his passing, things are only getting worse. Is there anyone out there who notices how human resources carries on today or is it just me?

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  • Online Customer Service Opportunities Last updated by Rob: 31-Jan-2018

    Hi all - I'm looking for online customer service work. I'm based in Winnipeg, but I'm assuming I could do online work for companies in other Canadian cities as well. Anyone have any suggestions about this? Thanks!

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    • I'd say it'll depend on the company, some will be OK with you working from home and others may not. You'll probably find this information when you apply for a position. If it is not available, I recommend that when you apply ask about it straightaway. Good luck.

      31-Jan-2018 Reply to Rob
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  • Hi all, help needed as call centre. Last updated by julie: 23-Aug-2017

    Hi I’m a customer service specialist but I’ve always worked online (via email) now I’ve got offered a job as a call centre/customer service but via phone. The thing is I’ve never did this thought a phone and I don’t know if I’m going to be as good as I am through email. Someone who experienced both could tell me what are the main differences between email and phone? Should I consider the change or stay where I am right now? Thanks in advance

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    • Hello, If you think that’s out of you comfort zone do it! I’ve always been told that’s the way you grow.

      19-Dec-2016 Reply to Jackson
    • Well Sarah, I’ve experienced both and to be honest they’re pretty much the same. I’d say that the biggest difference is the reaction time. If you are reading an email you can think what you’re going to reply and then write it and modify your answer, via phone you need to think quick and be able to reply fast and always keep you manners. I can already tell you that keeping your manners can be the hardest thing… Soo… If besides that your new opportunity has any advantages I’d at least try it, Maybe you are better talking on the phone that you are writing emails! You never know!

      23-Aug-2017 Reply to julie
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  • My dream job Last updated by Freya: 29-Nov-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • part time, virtual call center job
      in canada

      29-Nov-2015 Reply to Freya
    • My ideal job is call centre job

      29-Nov-2015 Reply to Layla
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