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  • What should I know before hiring a Plumber? Last updated by Olivia: 31-Jan-2017

    Hi I want to hire a plumber. Any advice on what essential skills should a plumber have? I never hired anyone so I don't know what should I bear in mind.. help plz

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    • Hello, well I hired a bunch of plumbers; every time something broke I hired a new one until I met a guy that knew what he was doing. Once you start hiring them you’ll see, you’ll know if they’re good or not. But just to warn you about the things you should be careful: They need to be able to work alone without with very little supervision. They need to be GOOD LISTENERS, I can’t stress enough how important is this and also communication skills . And last but not least I think a good plumber is detail orientated and also be honest about what are they charging you.

      30-Jan-2017 Reply to Livia
    • Uh, I understand.. I hate calling a plumber for help. They always know tricks to overcharge you for their work. The first thing I recommend is make sure they aren’t unlicensed, no matter if they charge you less because you are taking a big risk… and ask him about insurance, if the work fails will he rearrange it for free? Or you’ll have to pay again? I mean I understand he is investing hours of his life but if work is done nicely the first time you should need to call him again for the same issue. Just keep that in mind because some of them just fix it lightly so it breaks again so you call them again.. Good luck! Because I definitely haven’t had any luck at all.

      31-Jan-2017 Reply to Olivia
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