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The Marketing and Media sector has one common goal to promote and sell an idea or product to the consumer.

General overview

Those working in the Marketing and Media sector work together to promote strategies and methods to sell an idea or product. There are many subsectors within marketing and media all working together to achieve a common goal: to persuade the consumer that their product or idea is the best choice. Responsibilities include proposing a selling approach and carrying it out with the creation of advertisements and campaigns, whether it is through magazines, billboards, television, newspaper or online media. Working in marketing and media, an individual must fully understand their company and company product to communicate the company mission clearly to the consumer.

Requirements and skills

Skills within this sector vary greatly depending on the line of work. There are a few common skills that all individuals within Marketing and Media should have:

  • A degree in Marketing, Communication or Media Studies is preferable
  • A clear understanding of the current market and consumer needs
  • A clear understanding of the product, company and/or organisation
  • Must be creative in order to produce original marketing campaigns
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral
  • A strong personality is beneficial
  • Must be able to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines
  • Being a “people person” when speaking to clients and the public about product or idea

Specific skills may be required for some job titles including:

A product designer must hold a degree or strong skillset with computers and design to create original product design ideas.
A journalist must hold a degree in Journalism or Communication and have a portfolio including writing clips and online articles.
A radio announcer must be able to think fast on their feet, read scripts and be highly energetic all while presenting clear and informative information to the public.
A social media manager must be up to date with technology and trending topics throughout online medias to successfully a promote product or an idea.

Professional path

Marketing and Media is a vast sector covering many career paths. Areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Online Marketing: use online media and social networks to promote brand, company or idea to the public. These job titles may include social media manager and SEO specialist
  • Media Relations: will research and find the best media to promote their product or idea. They are also responsible for organising events to promote what they are selling.
  • Advertising: work to create product promotion through mass media such as billboards, newspapers, magazines, television and radio. They are creative and must have strong communication skills to clearly send their message to the consumer.
  • Public Relations: have a big impact on the product’s popularity. They need to create a good reputation for the company or brand as well as persuading the client or consumer that their product is the best option against similar products.
  • Communication: are job titles within all media including press, television, radio and internet. These jobs titles may include journalist, news anchor, magazine editor, blogger and radio announcer.

The Marketing and Media sector offers a vast variety of job titles to explore and may include:

  • Sound Technician
  • Director of Marketing
  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Junior Product Manager
  • Radio Producer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Public Relations Assistant

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