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  • dental insurence Last updated by Carlene: 20-Dec-2016

    Is dental insurance through work worth it? I don’t know if I should contract it because I don’t want to waste my money on something I don’t need.

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    • If you need alot of dental work than you most likely will benefit from insurance. Figure out what the monthly/yearly cost will be to have this insurance and what the cost of your dental work will be. If you only need 2 cleanings per year at approx. $500 for both and your insurance costs $75 a month, you can see it won't balance out. You could just save for the work yourself. However, once you start adding up the costs of fillings and other expensive work, insurance can then be quite useful.

      7-Dec-2016 Reply to Kim
    • Thank you Kim!! Your answer is super helpful!! :) I'll contemplate the offer.

      20-Dec-2016 Reply to Carlene
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