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  • Salary Last updated by Joanne: 30-Mar-2017 View last comments

    Can you make a living being a cook? How much do they earn?

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    • the median salary cook is 16$

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to jason44
    • If you want to be a cook be a cook. Don’t focus on money. Follow your passion

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Finnian
    • Yeah well some of us need money to live you know. I couldn’t maintain my kids with 16$

      14-Feb-2017 Reply to Madeleine
    • I’m just saying if you like to be a cook, go ahead, I’m sure there are better opportunities out there you just need to be passionate and work you ass off.

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Finnian
    • What do you mean? How do you know I’m not working my ass off? I work really hard every day but I feel I’m under payed and I can’t move forward.

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Madeleine
      • You can always find better job, I’m not sayin’ you aren’t working hard enough I’m just saying that when you are passionate about something you can find a way to make that your living and earn money though that.

        17-Feb-2017 Reply to Finnian
        • Yeah but what can I do now? I’d like to work in a better restaurant like a luxury high end place but they are not recruiting right now.

          7-Mar-2017 Reply to Madeleine
          • Nono don’t wait until they need someone, you update your cv , put yourself together and go and give them you cv. Just tell them in case they ever need someone you are an amazing cook with a lot of experience and you are willing to work there because this this and that and do it with you fave restaurants. That way you’ll make them know you and if they ever need someone asap they already have your cv, they won’t need to post a job offer etc.… Hope this helped

    • Yeaah thanks! Very helpful , what do you do did you used this technique?

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to Madeleine
      • I actually work in retail but yeah I did something similar, I had a job and I did this with m favorite stores and now I’m working in one of them so don’t be shy and work you’re your future. We are so used to wait for the perfect job offer .. no! Go to your favorite company and let them know you exist. If you are ready you probably get the job and if you don’t you won’t but that’s fine because it will make you grow.

        30-Mar-2017 Reply to Finnian
    • true!!

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to jason44
    • I agree nice advice!

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to Joanne
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  • My dream job Last updated by vee: 4-Aug-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is chef

      3-Aug-2015 Reply to Sangeeth
    • My ideal job is Cooking and baking and cleaning
      I'm a certified health care aid but I'm going to school to taking a nursing course
      I think it's a good job to be a nurse
      I love cooking

      4-Aug-2015 Reply to vee
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