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  • Chemicals, solvents and other materials 22-Jan-2020

    How dangerous is being a carpenter?
    Chemicals, solvents and other materials - dermatitis, allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Cancer risk from wood dust. Flammable or combustible materials, including wood dust. Risk of pain or injury from working in awkward positions, performing repetitive tasks, or lifting.

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  • apprenticeship 23-Aug-2017

    I’m training to be a carpenter; do you know where might I work during my apprenticeship?

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  • Im worried... I need advice Last updated by jamesk: 30-Jan-2017

    Hi everyone, so I’m a carpenter as you may tell by the title. To be honest I’m a bit worried because I don’t know if my job has any future… It’s a very old school job and I feel people are ignoring this career. I’m in my thirties so I’m still pretty young, should I change now? Or should I stick to what I love and be a carpenter for the rest of my life? I know it sounds dramatic but when you are working in your dream job it’s scary to think you have no future in your profession.

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    • Hello! I wouldn’t care too much. Being a good carpenter is a future job (56% growth) The majority of this career is in residential building construction.

      30-Jan-2017 Reply to jamesk
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