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  • What is the salary difference between a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist assistant? Last updated by Genelle: 30-Mar-2017

    I just finished my studies and I have two job offers, one as a physiotherapist assistant which is really close to my house etc. The other one is as a physiotherapist but it’s so far away from home I’d spend lots of money going to work … so do you know the salary difference between those two jobs?

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    • If the difference is big I’ll reconsider but as for now I wouldn’t care to be a physiotherapist assistant as I have no experience I think it will help me learn about the daily basis of the job.
      What do you think?

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Amanda
    • Hey there, I’m happy to hear that you are willing to learn because tbh I had a bunch of assistants they though they knew all.. so your attitude is pretty nice. You’ll get far , just stick with that mentality.

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Allan S. H.
    • Hi! I’m a physiotherapist but as most of us I’ve been both. As for the salary difference as an assistant you can earn about 20-27 hourly. It’s pretty hard to find jobs that pay higher than that. On the other hand as a physiotherapist you can earn about 40 hourly easy. So If money isn’t the main factor for you I’d go for an being an assistant, yes you start from the bottom but experience will help you find better positions in this field.

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to Genelle
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