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  • Moving to Canada 23-Aug-2016

    I'm from Spain and I would like to go to Canada to work but I don't speak very good english. It's a problem? I'm taking english lessons but I'm not able to speak as a native...

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  • My dream job Last updated by Summer: 1-May-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is Promotional representative for a company or different companies and going to trade shows to represent them.

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to Oliver
    • My ideal job is working in a funeral home or airport

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to Carole
    • as a seals manager or seals fild

      30-Apr-2016 Reply to Robin
    • My ideal job is helping the ones that have no money for the bus to get to work...and get strenght to go to work ....

      1-May-2016 Reply to Summer
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