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  • Main tasks of a caregiver?? Last updated by Jessie: 30-Mar-2017

    What does a caregiver do? Which are their main tasks? And how can I become one?

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    • Hey, so a caregiver’s work is no joke, some examples of what they do are: Personal Care, Household Tasks, companion ship, respite..

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to Jessie
      • What do they do in order to give respite?

        30-Mar-2017 Reply to Marcus B
        • Funny you ask because other caregivers will do this for you as well, you’ll need to fill in for a regular caregiver whenever they are sick or on vacation or something. About your question: how to become a caregiver, sometimes you just need to be passionate about it because you’ll receive training opportunities during your employment. A dregree isn0t always a requeriment to becaome a caregiver so don’t worry about it , but if you want to step up the game you can take a quick home health aide course (CHHA) or any nurse assistant aide training.

          30-Mar-2017 Reply to Jessie
          • Thankyou!! And if I ever wanted to get a dregree what would you recommend?

    • From what I know there’s nothing specific for that but some of the caregivers I know are licensed in practical nursing (LPN) o certifies nursing asssitants (CNA)

      30-Mar-2017 Reply to Jessie
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