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  • I need help with my studies/skills Last updated by Loic: 22-Dec-2016

    Hello, I finished my accounting career but I can’t seem to get a job. I don’t know what’s wrong in my cv. Does anyone know if there’s any recognized credential that will open the door for me? I don’t even get in the interview stage… so I know it’s not my fault, it’s something about my cv.. Please help.

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    • Hi, CPA has an advanced certificate in Accounting and Finance called ACAF. You should check that out. It helped me a lot because it’s something you can do no matter if you are already working or new collage graduate.

      22-Dec-2016 Reply to Julia
      • But how can that help me exactly , what the ACAF did for you? Was it easier to get interviewed for a job? The companies take you seriously because of that?

        22-Dec-2016 Reply to Loic
        • Yes, I mean it provide me the accounting and finance skills necessary to enhance my cv, career and mentality. Basically you learn skills that companies value but if you want o go higher you can check the CPA professional education program. Research information so you see which suits you best.

          22-Dec-2016 Reply to Julia
          • Many thanks I'll look it up! Hope this helps me find a job..

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